Business Card Design, Stationery, Brochure Design, Flyers… whatever you need. Stop searching for the best freelance graphic designer or graphic design studio, you've found us…

Whether it's about graphic design for stationeries, brochures, business cards or flyers you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects. Relevant graphic designs for stationeries build the stage that develops your corporate identity.

The public opinion about your company is often made in the first glimpse and the only factor that creates a major impact during that time is the graphic design of your marketing materials. It is the most visible of all your corporate communication tools, reflects your company and gives you a chance to leave a remarkable and long lasting impression.

At Bloo we specialize in branding, corporate identity, corporate brochure design, brand packaging, and logo design.

We believe that graphic design is not a simple engineering process. Branding, color and usability work at more subtle levels and their effective deployment depends on talent, training and experience. This includes understanding the very different requirements of designing for the print medium over designing for the web.

Our strength lies in transforming a project from a set of ideas and requirements, to a successful creative solution. Moreover, that result must be fit for the purpose. We provide more than just creative skills, but also the ability to listen, comprehend and solve complex issues efficiently.

Some of Our Most Popular Graphic Solutions are:

Logo Design

Brochure Design

Flyer Design

Stationary Design

Our Advantages:

We understand what it takes to make a branding solution that works for your business.

We have highly skilled, savvy graphic designers available to work on every project.

Our expert designers work with the design team to create an overall strategy that works.


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