Internet!!! – The area which was previously used for leisure and fun activities is now changed with a big and successful business area. Day by day, companies are getting involved in e-business, as customers are getting busier and cannot afford to go physically for buying their needs.

Payment Gateway - In this fast-paced E-commerce world online payment gateway is an essential solution to perform online transaction process efficiently. It augments the use of E-Commerce i.e. buying and selling of goods via internet.

It is a point in the network or a service provider that allows internet users to enter into other networks and pay online for their purchases from online stores via websites. Payment gateway solution is the ability to process online transactions securely, quickly, affordable and reliably. It is very important for the success of businesses accepting transactions online.

Major Benefits

Save in time and effort spent while standing in queues for making payment.

The person can do the online payment anytime and from anywhere.

Easy Installation

Flexible Integration

Swift Transaction processing

Comprehensive Transaction Features

Cater online customers

Automatic tax calculation before making the transaction

Cost effective

At Bloo, We offer payment gateway solutions that make it supremely easy for you to accept payments anytime. Using the payment gateways, you can accept credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments quickly.

Some of our Unique Specialties

We facilitate you to:

Accept payments online

Improve efficiency with an easy-to-use reporting and admin tool

Receive an email on every attempt of payment for each customer

Get support for all VISA/MasterCard transactions

Instantly inform customers with a copy of payment attempt or receipt

Know your monthly costs up front

Use a reliable payment gateway for round-the-clock transactions

Track IP address of customer with country name to prevent fraud


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